Industrial Explosion Proof Scales have a number of important characteristics. The most important is the FM rating that is required for your hazardous area. Others include the platform size and capacity, accuracy, durability and cost. Generally, any of the first four may be improved, but only be increasing the cost. By a combination of excellent engineering, efficient manufacturing made in the USA, and a unique sales channel that eliminates a middle tier, Brightscale industrial Explosion Proof Scales offer the best feature-to-price ratio available. This gets combined into a state of the art, easy to use instrument with an impressive list of standard features and options. A large, graphics LCD readout screen and a powerful data communication set round out the feature set.

  • FM Rating – These Intrinsically Safe Scales have an impressive range of hazardous area ratings, including Class I, II, III, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, & G.
  • Platform Size and Capacity– A wide variety of capacities may be chosen, including Bench Scales up to 150 lb, Platform Scales up to 1000 lb, and Floor Scales up to 20,000 lb. All of the sizes feature a very low profile platform, allowing easy loading and unloading.
  • Accuracy – Leading edge electronics coupled with specialized alloy stainless steel load cells result in Explosion Proof Scales with high levels of accuracy and repeatability. Special signal processing circuitry provides stable weight readings in difficult industrial environments.
  • Durability – Most Explosion Proof Scales use inexpensive aluminum or nickel plated steel load sensors. Instead, these Hazardous Area Scales use stainless steel for the load cells, offering superior overload and shock load protections, along with excellent rust protection. For those environments that require chemical resistance, full stainless steel construction is also available.